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***Due to COVID 19 Class has been cancelled

Plastic bag dispenser taught by Denise Jay
Difficulty level: all levels of weavers
The basket is woven on a slotted 5 inch base that has a 2 inch opening. Basket will measure approximately 13 inches high. It will include a shaker tape handle. This weaving in this basket can be varied to accommodate all levels of weavers. Beginners will complete the basket with a start-stop weave pattern using smoke and natural. More advanced weavers will have the option of the start-stop or Bargello pattern as shown in the picture. The Bargello pattern will be offered in burgundy and natural. To reserve your spot, please send your deposit ($20 members/$25 non-members) no later than February 19, 2020. Send deposits to Denise Jay, 2035 Clear Ridge Road, Artemas, PA 17211. For more information, contact Denise at 814.784.3196 or email 

***Due to COVID 19 Class has been cancelled

Umbrella basket or Toilet Paper basket taught by Karon Ritchey
Difficulty level: all levels of weavers

Just in time for April showers is the Basket Weavers Guild basket for April. Two baskets will be offered, one is an umbrella basket and the other is a toilet paper basket. Both are suitable for all weavers, including beginners, and are woven over a waterproof mold with an attached wood base. The toilet paper basket includes a finished matching lid. You will learn to weave French Randing as well as to double twine and triple twine with two weavers and reverse triple twine with two weavers. Colors are smoke and natural. Cost is $53 for guild members and $58 for non-members. Send a $23 deposit to Karon Ritchey, 300 East Watson St., Bedford, PA 15522 by March 15. For further information or additional color choices you may call Karon at 814-494-2423.
Good afternoon fellow weavers!

We waited as long as we could to bring all of you an update on scheduled classes. Though the sun is shining and Bedford County has officially moved to the "green" phase of reopening, we, the board, feel it is in the best interest to hold off until fall to gather again. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly. We would LOVE to be gathering to weave and fellowship. The church does allow us to use an outside pavilion but with class numbers and other safety precautions, holding class would still be difficult. And we want ALL of you to feel welcome and safe to weave with us.

So with that said, here is the plan for the classes that were to be taught by Karon Ritchey (umbrella/toilet tissue holder) and Denise Jay (plastic bag holder).

If you were registered to attend or purchased a kit for either or both classes, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Kits will be available for pick up at the church pavilion on Saturday, June 13.

2. Pick up time is from 10-11 AM.

3 . Please call or email the instructor for the class prior to Saturday to confirm pick up for that date. (Karon Ritchey 814-494-2423/ umbrella class) (Denise Jay 814.784.3196/ plastic bag holder)

4. If you still owe money towards the class, please have the correct amount or check ready when you get there. If you are unsure of payment owed, ask the instructor when you call to confirm or schedule a different pick up time.

5. If that date/time does not work, please call the instructor to make other arrangements.

We understand that some of you are relatively new to weaving and we understand this may be quite the undertaking on your own. If you want to attempt it on your own and run into questions, the instructors will be happy to assist you. Please reach out to them. If you don't want to attempt to weave them on your own, that is fine too.

Our hope is that in the fall we can join together in better times and have an open weave day or make some other accommodations for classes that were missed.

Please continue to check the facebook page and website for future information.

Yours in weaving.
Janine England